How it started

In 2008 my daughter, Marianne, gave me an unusual Christmas present. It was a small hardback book containing photos I had taken with some public domain poetry and prose. It’s a beautiful little book, and all the more special because my daughter had taken the time to find my photos and some words to go with them. But what also really interested me was how she had done it. I work in publishing, and to me printing a book meant printing hundreds if not thousands of copies – how could she just print one book? It turned out she’d used a company called Blurb. There you can download their book-creation software – or you can use InDesign or Lightroom or your own PDFs these days. Now you can even make a fixed-format ePub.

Book by Blurb

First Blurb book I ever saw

Then in 2010 my husband’s band took their show on the road and I edited the tour blog and added some photos and this book was made.

Bootlegs book

The Bootleg Sixties tour blog 2010

On a roll by then, I gathered together a collection of photos and memories from my wedding.

Wedding book

Wedding book printed by Blurb


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