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The Anatomy Of Costume (1977)

Since I was small I have been interested in historical costume. I loved this book – I would pore over it for hours. I lost somewhere along the way, but I was really pleased to pick it up again recently – and it was just as I remembered it!

Anatomy of Costume

It was published in 1977 by Book Club Associates, by permission of Mills & Boon Limited.

It’s illustrated by the late Victor Ambrus – a prolific illustrator and author of both fiction and non fiction. In recent years he worked for Time Team, illustrating reconstructions of archaeological sites and historic events.

I can’t find much about Robert Selbie. The cover notes that he was involved in theatre costume design.

The book starts with Egyptians and ends with the 1960s. Each era is discussed over four pages. The first spread is mainly text with small pictures around the outside. The second spread has a full-page image of a man and a woman on the right. All of the images are labelled and there are relevant quotes too.

These are the Romans:
Anatomy of Costume

The Tudors (Very Wolf Hall):
Anatomy of Costume

And what was worn in the 1940s:
Anatomy of Costume

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