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World Cities – Yesterday and Today (a book of maps)

Cover of World Cities Yesterday and Today


World Cities Yesterday and Today by Michael Swift Published in 2009 by Fall River Press

This is not an old book, but a book of old maps. According to the cover there are over 250 maps and satellite images. There are over 50 cities covered. All have a satellite image with the area the old maps cover highlighted in different colours. Some cities might only have one map, some have several.

Now I love an old map, so this is heaven for me. Lovely to browse though, but I can imagine a good reference book for a writer of historical fiction (or non fiction even).

Here are three of the maps.
This one is Edinburgh early 18th Century

Edinburgh from World Cities maps


Here’s New York 1821

New York from World Cities maps

New York

Paris c.1700

From World Cities Maps


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