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Robin Annual 1973

Robin Annual

Robin Annual 1973 – A Fleetway Annual, published by IPC Magazines Ltd.I believe Robin was a children’s comic in the UK.

Robin Annual

Robin Annual

Robin Annual

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June and School Friend Book of Heroines 1970

Book of heroines 1970

I picked this up yesterday for £2. Published by IPC Magazines in 1969. The price is still in at 10’6. June and School Friend were girls’ comics.

Joan of Arc is the main story – told in comic-strip form and taking up 24 pages spread through the book.

There are loads of inspiring stories of female derring do, self sacrifice and adventure. Including Edith Cavell, Queen Zenobia, Anna Leonowens (she of The King and I), Grace Bussell (Australian shipwreck rescuer), Gertrude Bell, Flora MacDonald and many others.

Here’s Violette Szabo – another long comic strip.

Book of heroines 1970


Gladys Aylward. This is the story the film The Inn of the Sixth Happiness, starring Ingrid Bergman is based on.

Book of heroines 1970


This is Grace Darling.

Book of heroines 1970



Book of heroines 1970


And someone I hadn’t heard of – Louise Sutherland – who cycled around the world solo in the 1950s.

Book of heroines 1970

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Disneyland Annual 1974

Today I picked up the 1974 Disneyland Annual in the Oxfam Bookshop in Welwyn Garden City.

Disneyland Annual 1974

Disneyland Annual 1974

Published in 1973 by IPC Magazines Ltd. Copyright © Walt Disney Productions.
It was originally 80p (About £7 in today’s money). As annuals are dated for the year to come, this would have been on sale exactly 40 years ago.

As well as short stories and comic strips based on characters from Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh and the Aristocats, etc, the whole Disney Alice story is reproduced in comic strip over sixteen pages.

Disneyland Annual 1974 Alice and the Caterpillar

Alice and the Caterpillar

Disneyland Annual 1974 From The Lost Kitten – featuring Thomas O'Malley and Duchess

From The Lost Kitten – featuring Thomas O’Malley and Duchess

And there are the usual activities, jokes and puzzles. Even activities using washing-up liquid bottles from ‘Mummy’s’ kitchen.

Disneyland Annual 1974 Draw Donald Duck

Draw Donald Duck

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Catweazle Annual 1972

Found in David’s Bookshop, Letchworth Garden City for 80p.


cover image

Catweazle was a children’s  TV series that ran for two series in the early 1970s. This is a 1972 annual published by World Distributors, Manchester.  As is often the way with annuals, there are no images from the TV series in the book. It’s in good nick, except that the pages are starting to come unglued. There are no on-the-page activities or colouring pages, so it’s not been defaced as many old annuals are.

The first spread is the story of how Catweazle ended up in the 20th Century. Love the heading font – so of its time.


The story of Catweazle

This is a three-page feature on palmistry.


A feature on palmistry

A did-you-know feature. I notice the one about pirates not walking the plank was around then. We’re still using that as a did-you-know in books we produce today – funny how it persists…


Puzzle and Did you know pages

Catweazle called electricity ‘electrickery’.

Catweazleannual72 inside pages

Story entitled Electrickery at the fair.

Another trivia page.

Catweazle annual 72

A clowder of cats feature

If you want to know more about Catweazle there is a UK fan site here

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