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Star Trekking – Radio Times magazine August 1996

Radio Times magazine cover Star Trek 30 anniversary

OK – you may have noticed I’m a Star Trek fan. Star Trek and I are celebrating the same milestone birthday this year. My daughter is also celebrating (well in her case I’m not sure she considers it celebrating) a milestone birthday.

A couple of days ago I came across this issue of the Radio Times on Ebay. It’s from the week of my daughter’s birthday. I duly bought it from a fantastic seller who not only posted it quickly and carefully, but also used seventeen stamps from the 1970s to pay for the postage!

This has been a real joy to look though – and I hope my girl gets a kick out of seeing what would have been on the telly the day she was ten.


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More Alice in Wonderland illustrations

In honour of Lewis Carroll’s upcoming birthday on the 27th January (which I share) here are some more 20th-century Alice illustrations.

First up: Anne and Janet Grahame Johnstone – published in 1973 by World Distributors.

Picture from Alice in Wonderland

The caucus race

I love Alice’s striped stockings.

Picture from Alice in Wonderland

The tea party

A red-haired hatter.

Picture from Alice in Wonderland

The trial

A red squirrel juror.

And here is a thoroughly modern Alice: by Willy Pogány published by EP Dutton in 1929

Picture from Alice in Wonderland

The caucus race

This Alice has bobbed hair and short skirt.

Picture from Alice in Wonderland

the tea party

Hare looks like he’s wearing a tank top under his jacket.

Picture from Alice in Wonderland

the trial

This version is less dreamlike than others. She looks like she really has just kicked over a jury of animals.


Finally another version from 1929 by Charles Folkard. This really looks like inspiration for the Dancing Flatware scene in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast to me.

Picture from Alice in Wonderland

Beautiful soup

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