Compliments slips?

Just occasionally I have to send a book or a set of printed proofs back to an editor. Until now I’d scrabbled around to find a postcard or note card to scribble on rather than a scrap of paper. So when Moo sent me an email to say that they were having a sale I thought I’d make some compliments slips. But then I noticed their flyers. You can print on both sides and have different images on one side too. So I used the square Alice in Wonderland word clouds I’d made for my Alice fixed-format ebook for the backs and my contact details on the fronts with space left blank to write on. They arrived yesterday and are great. They are on very heavy paper – practically card – with a matt finish that takes a biro no problem. Perfect!

Compliments slips

Compliments slips

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2 thoughts on “Compliments slips?

  1. Britta says:

    Hi, I love your Alice Word Clouds!

    Do you sell them on any sites?
    I would really like to have them in frames on my Alice-wall…

    I’m Norwegian Alice-fan.

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