Little Grey Rabbit card game

Little Grey Rabbit Card game

So who remembers the Little Grey Rabbit series? They were written by Alison Uttley and illustrated by Margaret Tempest and are about a little grey rabbit (of course) and a cast of assorted animals including Wise Owl, Moldy Warp (a mole) and Fuzzypeg (a young hedgehog).

I haven’t got any of the books, although I know we had some as children and got them out of the library, but this week I found a Pepys game (strap line: Better than a picture book Grey Rabbit’s own game – for you) for 99p. The aim of the game is to collect counters and whoever ends with the most is the winner. Now I shall have to find someone to play it with!

Little Grey Rabbit Card game
Little Grey Rabbit Card game

Little Grey Rabbit Card game

Little Grey Rabbit Card game

Little Grey Rabbit Card game

grey rabbit rules booklet

grey rabbit rules booklet
grey rabbit rules booklet

grey rabbit rules booklet

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13 thoughts on “Little Grey Rabbit card game

  1. Mary says:

    Any chance you could post pictures of the rules? I have the game but not the rules and I can’t find them anywhere.

  2. Lovely to see these! I especially like the suggestion of using matches for the counters in a children’s game. So old-school!

  3. Marcia says:

    We played this game years age with our children and now with the grandchildren. The cards are beautifully illustrated with charming characters. We use toothpicks in place of matches. I’d love to find another for sale.

    • Hi Marcia. Funnily enough I saw a new pack in a shop today – they are by Gibson’s Games.

    • Hi Marcia,
      I have a set that I found recently whilst clearing my Mum’s house & I was just looking around on line to see if they were worth anything. The box is a little battered & the top flap is missing but I’m pretty sure all the cards are there as they with the instructions fit tightly in the box. There are 44 in total. If you are interested – make me an offer!

      • A. Lyons says:

        Hi Helen. Just saw this. I’m keen to get hold of a pack, as I’ve enjoyed playing this with my daughter, but no longer have the pack. Did you sell yours?

      • Helen Stiffin says:

        I think I still have it somewhere! Have decorated my study since then and no idea where I put it!

      • A. Lyons says:

        Hi Helen. Thanks for that. I’ve seen it on ebay, and will try to get it.

  4. Fanny Cooke says:

    Wonderful to find this! I have two packs, but no instructions. I love the old-fashioned (and beautifully correct) grammar – and the utterly (Uttley?) non p-c use of “He” throughout!

  5. C. Blight says:

    Recently I have been reading Little Grey Rabbit stories to my grandsons and have just pulled out the card game from the drawer so that we can play it together as a family as we did when their Mum was small.
    I thought I would look to see if the game was still available and found this page. 🙂 It is good to see others are still playing too.

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