Gravity is a Mystery 1971

A few weeks ago I came across this in a charity shop.

Gravity is a mystery book

It’s from a huge and diverse series called Lets Read and Find Out published by A&C Black. Titles ranged from Watch Honey Bees with Me to The Sun: Our Nearest Star.

I spent many years editing Scholastic Children’s Books’ Horrible Science series and I love a bit of illustrated non fiction.

Don Madden’s illustrations are an absolute joy – I gather he illustrated many, if not all, of the titles in this series. I particularly love the cat and dog onlookers/assistants. I hadn’t come across him before, but I shall certainly be looking for more.

Gravity is a mystery book

Gravity on different planets

Gravity is a mystery book

Through the Earth

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One thought on “Gravity is a Mystery 1971

  1. christelle says:

    what a fantastic book!

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