Books are exciting (Ladybird Keywords Reading Scheme) 1967

Books are Exciting Ladybird

Visiting the library

I found this in David’s Bookshop, Letchworth, for 25p. Result! This is a great book to show in this ‘100 years of Ladybird’ year.

This book is part of the Keywords Reading Scheme series (11c) and is all about books and reading. It covers fiction genres, non fiction (including facts, crafts, things to do, etc) writing your own books, visiting the library, using encyclopaedias, and finally how books are made. I don’t know if it was a mistake, but the book follows two children and their experiences of reading, but at the start they are introduced as Rita and Tim, but several pages in they turn into Peter and Jane (who were the usual Reading-Scheme characters) with no explanation.

Books are Exciting Ladybird

Choosing books

Books are Exciting Ladybird

Making books

Books are Exciting Ladybird

Fiction genres

I’m not sure Ladybird would use this image as a cover now! But to put it into context, it is the illustration from a story in the book about how some South Sea Islanders catch octopuses. Presumably this image was chosen as being (in the publisher’s opinion) the most exciting in the book. At that time (I’m not sure about now) cover images were always taken from the book.)

Books are Exciting Ladybird


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2 thoughts on “Books are exciting (Ladybird Keywords Reading Scheme) 1967

  1. wsmt says:

    Does that treasure/octopus adventure appear as a whole ladybird story of itself ?

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